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Jerry's Herbie
Jerry's Herbie
  • Owner
    - Jerry Cason, replicar, Riverside, CA
    - History: I have had Herbie for twelve years now. He is a 1963 Deluxe Conv sunroof, Color VW L87 paint, Fuch rims, grey and white interior with 200 mph movie speedo. Herbie's top speed??? This Herbie replicar has been used by Disney, Make a Wish, Toys for Tots, US Marines and a bunch of special events. Herbie always brings a smile to everyone´s face!
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    FIREBALL TIM Herbie the Love Bug VW Ride Along

Brian's Herbie
    - Brian Uiga, replicar, Cypress, CA
    - History: My dad bought this car for me as a little rustbucket in 2001. When "Herbie Fully Loaded" came out I was offered a space in the row of Herbies at the Premiere and had a chance to buy everything I needed to finish my car from production spares. So my dad and I completely assembled the car in 18 days and drove it to Hollywood in time for the premiere on June 19th.
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        Willing to rent for non-profit organizations
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        Brian's blog

Jason's Herbie
    - Jason Caudillo, replicar, Simi Valley, CA
    - History: Dad bought me a pretty good looking Beetle. I have had Herbie for 2 years going on 3, he is a 1963 real Ragtop Beetle. This replica has original movie parts from the 2005 film '' Herbie Fully Loaded '' Spare Nascar Driver-side door, Junkyard Passenger Door, and Spare Demo Rim. Herbie is part of "Make a Wish" and has been with so many kids´ events along with holiday events.
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        Love Bug Fans

Cliff's Herbie
    - Cliff Calabro, replicar, Southern California
    - History: Replica from "Herbie Fully Loaded". Cliff has added a high end performance motor and accessories, and takes his Herbie to the drag strip on a regular basis! No poser, this is one fast Herbie! He and his son Justice love driving in parades, and adding to their die-cast collection of cool cars!
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  • On Screen History:
    - "The Love Bug" 1969
    - "Herbie Rides Again" 1974
    - "Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo" 1977
    - "Herbie Goes Bananas" 1980
    - "The Love Bug" TV series 1982
    - "The Love Bug" made-for TV movie 1997
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        Wikipedia article on Herbie
         Love Bug Central

The Uiga's
Horace the Hate Bug

  • Owner
    - Brian and Stephanie Uiga, screen used car, Cypress, CA
    - History: Brian's #2 Horace Car is a Disney car that was used for all of the racing scenes in "The Love Bug (1997), most of the outdoor shots, and most if not all in-car driving shots. After production wrapped in 1994, these cars sat out in a Disney lot for 10 years. Horace #2 is a stock 6 volt 1965 beetle with a stock motor. There is a second 12V system under the hood to run the evil green dash glowing effects and the three toggle switches on the dash. As well as the cosmetic modifications (custom fenders, decklid, filled in windows, roof) the car has a standard size tow mount so it can be towed by a camera car, and a chain under the hood which I think is part of a special effects setup for the scene when it bounces in a warehouse, enraged.
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Herbie & Goofy!

Team Love Bug

Herbie visits the Air Force
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