Get Smart Tiger Sunbeam

Star Car Facts
  • Owner
    -Sue Kesler, replicar, Hollywood, CA
    - History: This is my beautiful 1965 Sunbeam and it was restored to show quality in 2002 to look just like Max's Tiger. The paint was matched with the same code as the 1965 Carnival Red, new "Tiger" interior, carpet chrome and machine gun under hood. This Sunbeam is an Alpine model converted over to a look-a-like Tiger model. Alterations include prop machine gun under hood and Close Circuit TV under dash with Pinpoint camera on antenna. Biggest thrill: Don Adams and Barbara Feldon posing for pictures in my car for LA Times Sunday magazine in 2003.
    - Event Appearance Information Contact Owner:
        Will rent out, depending on venue. Contact:
  • On Screen History:
    -Sound of engine recorded and used in the 2008 Get Smart movie. Featured in fan section of Get Smart DVD Box set. Appeared in A&E Biography:Don Adams. Used in episode of TV series "Gilmore Girls"
  • Other displays:
    -Car used in Get Smart movie photo shoot with Steve Carell and picture appeared in Playboy magazine. On display at the Museum of Radio and TV in Beverly Hills, Ca. for 2003 Get Smart seminar.
  • Links:
        Get Smart Movie
        Sue's Sunbeam
        Get Smart on You Tube
        Wikipedia article on Get Smart

Sue's car in front of set

"Max" and "The Chief" on set

Standard "Control" Issue
Machine gun!

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