Back To The Future Vehicles

Dan's BTTF Delorean

Paul's BTTF Delorean
  • Owner
    - Paul Nigh and Houston Courtney, replicar, Kern County, Ca.
  • History: Built by General Manager Dan Botkins at the Delorean Motor Company in Garden Grove, Ca. and completed in March 2007. Dan had one of the original screen used cars as a template. Original Owner Paul Nigh took on investor and now co-owner, Houston Courtney to work as a team.
  • Awards: Delorean Motor Company "People's Choice Award" 1st Place, May 5, 2007.
  • Event Appearance Information Contact:
  • Magazine articles & TV appearances: Paul was interviewed in the December 2007 issue of the "Robb Report" magazine. The BTTF II car performed a photo shoot with the band "Bullet for my Valentine" for the front cover, pull out poster, and inside spread of March 2008 issue about the future of metal music in "Revolver" magazine. BTTF II has appeared in several live TV news remotes. In September 2008, BTTF II will be in The Fireball Run Transcontinental Rally 2 across America. #15 "Team Time Car" - the second Star Car Association member to run in the Fireball!
  • Purpose: Help bring awareness to people about Parkinson's Disease, raise funds, and find a cure. And of course, bring back the joy and love of all of the "Back to the Future" movies to everyone.
  • Links:
        Paul's MySpace page
        The Fireball Run site

Dan's Marty McFly Truck
  • Owner
    - Dan Wellington, replica, Southern California
  • History: Dan has built a replica of Marty McFly's truck.
  • Event Appearance Information Contact:
  • On Screen History:
    -Back to the Future, part 1 & 2 Feature Films.
  • Links:

  • Owner
    - Jeff Chabotte, screen used car, Norwich, CT
  • History: Jeff's car is a 1976 BMW 633CSi that was modified for use by the character Griff Tannen in the move Back to the Future, part 2. Jeff restored the car in 2005 to screen-used condition but is currently awaiting mechanical restorations.
  • Event Appearance Information Contact:
  • On Screen History:
    -Back to the Future, part 2 Feature Film. Hill Valley town square scenes in 2015.
  • Links:
        BTTF BMW Gallery
        BTTF BMW on You Tube

At World Con LA

Car and Driver shoot

88 mph!

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