Greetings, Citizen! My name is Nate Truman and this internet scrapbook tells the story of how I acquired, and generally put together a street legal 1966 Batmobile over the course of several years. As a kid I watched the show in re-runs in the afternoons and loved the show and OF COURSE the car! I thought it was great that a show finally took superheros seriously! Then when I saw the show again in college, I laughed my head off! It was after watching an old movie with a custom car in my senior year, that I started to wonder where all those cool cars from TV had gone. I graduated and went into the world of television professionally and started searching as a hobby for all those cool TV cars like the batmobile, KITT, the Munster Coach, Monkeemobile etc. But I didn't get "bitten" by the bat until a fateful day. It all started when I pitched and produced an episode of the Wil Shriner Show in 1988. A reunion show of the main stars and (my reason for pitching the show) the BATMOBILE! Getting to meet my childhood Hero, Adam West was exciting, but sitting in the #5 Batmobile was the event that would change my future! That was the moment I got the "itch" to own the "Coolest car in the world"!
From left to right: My first screen credit as a producer! The letter George Barris, creator of the Batmobile sent me to confirm the car's apperance and the call sheet from show #151! I did the announcer voice that day, and got the job kinda like the original announcer (who was also the executive producer of the Batman show, William Dozier!) I kept coaching our announcer on how Mr. Dozier sounded, and the director heard me and said "Hey, let Nate do it, he's got it down!" so all of the Bat announcer intros and teases that show were done by me! Holy Voice Over!!

Here is when I met George Barris. He's a cool guy! We took lots of photos of the #5 batmobile together and on the set of Wil Shriner's show.

Adam West out of costume and me on the set.

Getting a hug from Batgirl, Yvonne Craig would have killed me at 13, but I managed to act cool!